Saturday, 5 May 2012

Moving on to Bigger and Better Things

My nursing clinical experience this semester has been nothing short of a headache, to say the least. Clinical is a substantial task itself, but when factoring all the nonsense I endured with the college and scheduling and whatnot, it was almost enough to make a grown girl give up. I went from being juggled around rotations to a new group lucky enough to endure a less than average instructor (to put it politely). But the details are not what's important, but what is is that I am stronger because of it and I've come away with a group of great friends. 

Six more friends to be more specific, actually make that seven. The girls in my group welcomed me mid-rotation, but our instructor, Anne, was amazing. Faced with the challenge of repairing us from the previous rotation, it was no easy task to re-instill our confidence and competence as nursing students. But Anne was successful and was a great mentor. Really she was more than a teacher to us, she was also a friend and confidant. I've rarely seen any instructors sit to eat lunch with the students, because it's difficult to play both roles. And apparently it's frowned upon by some of the other instructors. 

Walking out of clinical for the last day was bittersweet. We were all so glad to be done, but a little sad to depart knowing the chances are slim to be in the same group with any of us girls again. But we made the best of it, and went out for lunch afterwards. We laughed a lot and cried a little, since we had all been through so much together. But I have to admit all of us are ready for the summer break. And the prospect of returning to school, at the University next semester, is definitely something worth celebrating. 

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