Friday, 6 April 2012

A Colorful Birthday Bash

Grayson may only be 3 years-old, but I'm pretty sure I've already got my future daughter-in-law picked out. Too bad arranged marriages are not common practice around here.

Summer and Grayson have been good little friends for almost a year now. I think one of my favorite things about Summer is that she has no inhibitions when it comes to showing her emotions. When we go over to her house to play, we're greeted with a gasping grin followed by a happy little jig. Needless to say she's very animated; I think it's genetic. We got to experience this firsthand when we had Tom and Char-Lane (aka Toad and Chuck) over to play games a little while back.

I was so excited when Grayson got invited to his first birthday party. I don't think he entirely knew what to expect, but a house full of children may have been a slight surprise. But I think all was okay when we were received with the familiar happy jig.

Who ever thought it was a good idea to say "cheese" for a picture??
 It might work for a small  portion of people, Grayson is not one of them.

There were some new faces for Grayson and I, but some familiar ones as well. I'll admit I didn't recognize Kaylee first thing without her coat and toque, but it was nice to see her again. Lacey also stopped by for a couple minutes. I manged to catch up with her about her latest debate that we were regrettably unable to attend. It's too bad, it sounded like it would have been interesting. Hopefully there'll be a next time.

I was glad to stay and play with a houseful of 3 year-olds, and lend an extra pair of helping hands to the occasion. Conveniently the weather cooperated and we were able to take the kiddos out to play. I imagine things could have gotten a little loud inside had we not been able to burn a little energy off outside before we got to the presents. Because, you know, all 3 year-olds sit patiently and watch someone else opening presents... We parents may have had to intervene more than once.

After presents it was cake time. Summer had a special rainbow cake and the rest of us had rainbow cupcakes. I may have a small cupcake obsession, and rainbow cupcakes are no exception. There was also a rainbow fruit platter to go along with the rest of the rainbow decorations. The kids sure enjoyed hunting for their treat bags of gold at the end of the rainbow party.

After this successful party, I think I'm a little braver to host a birthday party for Grayson this year. But at the rate Grayson is making so many new friends, it may just be a bigger bash than I'm anticipating. At least his birthday isn't until July so I imagine I'll be hosting it outdoors.

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