Monday, 9 April 2012

A Pirate's Prayer

Please help us have a piratey day,
bless the food,
help us to have fun,
help us to find holy treasure,
and to not find bad pirates,
bless all the pirates at the party,


This was AJ's Pirate Prayer at his 5th birthday party. Grayson was super excited about this party because he knew all the fun things that birthday parties involve now. I've come to learn that when Lacey hosts an event, that she goes all the way. And this party was no exception. It was all things pirate. Pirate pancakes, swabbing the deck, walking the plank and digging for treasure to name a few. 

I've never seen kids so eager to pick up a broom! Maybe Saturday chores needs a new title. 

Walking the plank earned you a pirate hat and matching sword. Grayson still  insists on wearing his hat around the house, and to bed if I would allow it. 

Donuts definitely taste better on a hook.
Maybe this approach would work to get Grayson to eat other, less popular, snacks, like apples.
I could cut the apples ring style instead. I see potential here... 

The kids had a blast filling their booty bags with all kids of loot they earned throughout the afternoon. I think the pirate pinata was a hit. But no pirate birthday is complete without a Batman cake! Right?

The shindig was successful with filling these kids full of sugar and sending them on their way in typical birthday party style. AJ was a happy little pirate, especially with a full treasure chest at the end of the day.

 Thanks for the fun afternoon Lacey!

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