Monday, 2 April 2012

Friends Of Friends

One of the best parts about this thing we're doing this year is that we are already expanding our little social circle beyond what we thought would happen.

We've spent time with many of our friends. But by day 3 we were beginning to run out of friends, and so we made a plea to our friends.

"Please," we said, "let us get to know your friends. You all are always doing fun and cool things when you aren't around us, just let us tag along."

And so, like everybody's younger sibling, we've been tagging along with our friends as they hang out with cooler people than we.

But we have now taken it a step beyond this. The other night, I hung out with the friend of a friend of a friend. You heard me right, pick your mouth up off the floor. Friend to the power of 3.

See, Tyson (a good friend of mine), invited his brother-in-law Fraser to come play some board games about a month back. Fraser commented that he had a good friend that lived nearby that would be interested in playing some games as well. He left me with a number for Mark, who we invited over about a month later (although Fraser couldn't make it).

So now the web is growing, and soon my social appendages will be sneaking into every area of the local social scene. I need some type of evil genius to help me take advantage of the situation. All I've got is a blog. There has to be a better way to tap into this influence I will be gaining.

Anyways, had Mark over for some (dun dun!) board games. It felt good to be back at my house (I've been working in Calgary for the past several weeks), and be able to relax in my own home. I will be having this guy over again. His own board game collection dwarfs my own. He has 691 games to my 75(ish). For those of you from Lethbridge, it's like he has a bigger truck than me. Very emasculating.

I couldn't resist...

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