Sunday, 4 March 2012

Cookies Are For Sharing

We found ourselves without a plan the other night. We had to think of something, and fast.

It was around eight at night, and we've done pretty well so far. Granted, we don't always get the blog posts up (we're actually slightly behind right now) but we've managed to not screw up the schedule of meeting people for every day.

So we didn't want to wreck it on that night either. Like some kind of magician Trish whipped up a batch of chocolate chip cookies in less than half an hour, and we put the coats and boots on to head over to get to know the neighbors.

I know it's not exactly considered polite to just show up at the neighbor's house and expect them to indulge you in conversation, but we figured with the peace offering of a plate of cookies we should be able to gloss over those little rules of etiquette.

So we did get to know the neighbors. The ones that live across the street from us and we always nod at each other on the way to work. It wasn't an incredible experience where we shared all our innermost thoughts, but we did get some face time, a name, and next time we see them in the street, I expect that I'll be comfortable enough to strike up a conversation.

If any of our other neighbors are reading this, consider if fair warning: We plan on knowing all your names by the end of the year, so expect cookies, and expect them late at night without warning.

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  1. Um I LOVE your canisters. Is that weird?? Where did you get them??

  2. I can't remember, but because Trish bought them there is like a 99% chance that it was Homesense.

  3. I found the red ones down at Rod Works in Utah. But I'm sure HomeSense would have something like them at some point. But with that store it's a matter of chance...
    The others with the oatmeal are from Ikea. I don't know if they're still there, there's a good chance of it.

  4. wow thanks guys! I LOVE homesense. So I will check there. I am loving red in my kitchen right now. ps can we have some cookies?? ;)