Saturday, 3 March 2012

A Party to End All Parties

Nobody can throw a party like Megan (Sugden) Toone.

Ever since I was a wee little lad I can recall Megan throwing all sorts of themed parties. She has an incredible talent for taking the mundane and making it extraordinary. It's Friday. Wait, no it's not! It's MEXICAN THEMED BONFIRE PARTY DAY!


These are things that actually existed, and not just in the mind of a slightly quirky yet incredibly endearing woman. These things actually were created.

This is the big difference between Megan and me. Not the quirkiness. I have that too. And I'm also incredibly endearing. It's the making big plans into reality.

I have many big plans. I have plans for a treehouse with a moat that is full of gasoline instead of water so I can light it on fire when the other kids attack. I have plans for a giant aquarium right above my stove that I can push a button and it will suck a fish right out of the tank and onto your frying pan. I have another plan for a car that has missiles and the headlights are your aiming system and your horn is the fire button so you can bright people, honk at them, and then make them explode. These things only have like a 50% chance of happening.

But Megan always seems to come through on her plans. When she says she's going to do something, she doesn't just come through, she comes through with such a higher level of completion that  you are expecting. If I had a business I would hire a billion Megans to work for me, then I would be Google.

She had us over with several other couples for a formal Academy Awards Celebration Knight (AACK). We arrived in style dressed to the nines. Another guest (Tanner) wore a bow tie and this made me incredibly jealous, but I think we all did okay. I had a vest, and vests are snazzy.

As we walk in the front door a flock of doves showered us in feathers as white as the purest mountain snows. Friendly forest animals unrolled a red carpet, keeping just inches in front of our steps with the unravelling. Perfumes from exotic lands greeted our noses as we entered the dining hall. Displayed in righteous glory sat a meal for kings. Nay, a meal that only kings would be fit to serve to the gods. We dined on food that could have only have been prepared by chefs who had exchanged their souls for the unholy ability to prepare a calibre of food beyond imagining. Then we watched the oscars on t.v.

You think I'm exaggerating. Check out the pictures.

Why do we look up to Megan? She taught us not only to do something, but to do it well. Not only do it well, but exceed expectations.

Thank you for the fantastic night Megan! I don't think we will ever experience the Oscars like this again.

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