Friday, 23 March 2012

You can take away my job, but you can't take away my friends...

Trish used to be a waitress at a particular restaurant. I won't mention the name of it because I'm about defame the junk out of it.

The staff at this place was really cool. Everyone got along great and the bosses themselves were very caring for the staff. Unfortunately, some time ago the restaurant was purchased by some other people who decided to fire almost every last (student) employee (during the holidays no least) and replace them with family members. 

What was interesting, is that many of the people from the restaurant have kept in really good touch with each other, and because of this continued connection, we found ourselves having lunch with Matt.

Matt is one of the nicest people that I think I have ever met. You know how when your spouse knows a person of the opposite gender your instinct kicks in and you immediately compare them to yourself? (Don't lie, we all do this). You have to check that they aren't as good looking as you, that they aren't as funny as you, etc. It's not that you're worried or anything, you just have to check. 

My point is, that this doesn't happen with Matt. Matt is such a genuinely nice person, that you don't have to do the "is he better than me at anything" check. I think this comes from there being absolutely no shred of dishonesty in the guy. 

We had a lunch at the Saigonese Restaurant (love that place). Matt informed us on the ins and outs of journalism, as that's what he's in school for. We had a great time, with a great guy, and had some good laughs. I mean, how can you not have a good time with a guy who's main passions are unicorns and narwhales?

p.s. - Matt, if you read this, I would still like a copy of your unicorn song...

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