Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Rarely in the past couple years have I had a day entirely to myself. I've had time with the husband and without the child and vice versa, but rarely have I been solo. And in the past when I have had that time it's usually because I have to work, or school and what not. Initially that's what the plan was for. 

Originally I had arranged for Grayson to be at my sister's place for a couple days while Ryley was up in Calgary working because I had a couple evening clinical shifts. Said shifts are difficult to coordinate with the sitter, so I opt to have him spend time with the grandparents or his cousins instead. But lucky for me, one of my clinical shifts was cancelled last minute, and I was left with no plans. What a great feeling! However, I found myself unsure of what to do, almost like I had forgotten what I did by myself. I felt obligated to do some homework, but as the same time I felt I needed to take advantage of the situation. 

And that I did. 

Conveniently a friend posted on Facebook that very evening about a girls night out at Firestone for dessert. I'll admit that if this was sometime last year, I probably would have let the opportunity pass by... However my thought's this year were: How could I not? Especially with dessert at Firestone. For those of you who have never tried Them Donuts there, I recommend it. Highly. We frequent Them Donuts on a regular basis. However, I had been there with Ryley a few days previous and spied the giant cookie sundae on the feature menu and I had to try it instead. 

The night was a blast. I had the opportunity to spend time with six fantastic ladies, a few of whom I knew previous, but most I had never met before. I'm not entirely sure whose idea it was, but the conversation centered around how we met our husbands and how we got engaged. I wasn't aware until now how entertaining such an intimate story can be! The conversation lent itself to much laughter, and a few happy tears, and overall an opportunity to get to know some great women. 

Please forgive the poor quality of the iPhone pic...

And did I mention that I had a giant cookie sundae, all to myself? Either way, here's the delicious evidence that I shamelessly ate.. 

All by myself. I'll add that to the list with the coconut cream pie... That I ate all by myself. 

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