Friday, 17 February 2012

One Wedding and an ENTIRE PIE TO MYSELF

Yes, pie. But before we get to that.

You know how sometimes people just get arbitrarily screwed by life? People like to try and explain it away through any number of different possibilities. It's a test. It's because you needed to learn something. It's so that you can be ready for a new opportunity. Well, I really don't buy that, and I'm not scared of calling it what it is. Sometimes, people just get hosed.

Some people let it define them, and that's okay I guess. I've never actually been hosed that I can recall, except when I bought a Sega Genesis. Or when I bought my first tape from the band Genesis. Or when I read the first book in the bible. Really, anything "Genesis" equals a great deal of hosing.

But about the defining thing. Some people never quite get over it. Some people do though.

I went to the wedding of my beautiful cousin this week who was getting married. Mackenzie (wicked name) got hosed; Made all the right moves in life, got hosed anyway. She really could have let it define the rest of her life. I wouldn't have blamed her. In fact, I probably would have supported her in dwelling on it for the rest of eternity.

Instead though, she got out of the house, met a great guy who has an accent straight from medieval Disney epics, and married him this past weekend. That's admirable.

It's admirable because she had every reason not to. It's admirable because the position she was in (the hosed one) was not her fault at all. Just as you would never blame anybody for using a wheelchair if their legs were torn off by a gorilla/shark hybrid, one would never have blamed her for quietly living out the rest of her life as a bitter old lady with 10,000 cats and one lazy eye. But instead, she chose happiness.

And that's really the only choice that matters. And it's really the only choice we have to make. You can whine at me and say that you have a more difficult situation and it's not as easy as all that. Well you're wrong, and it is that easy. Choose to be happy, choose to move on. Sometimes it feels so good to hang onto a grudge that we might think that it's actually worth hanging onto. It's not. How do I know? A young bride's smile convinced me otherwise this weekend.

Congratulations Mackenzie! (& Jason).  So happy for you!

And dessert. It was an apple pie all to myself, homemade ice cream on the side. Boom.

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  1. Love this. Happy wedding, Kenz and Jason!!!!!! (I was hoping for more pictures)