Monday, 6 February 2012

Barbecue Salmon in February! Woot!

It's been nice. Too nice. So nice that we decided to barbeque some Salmon on Sunday. It's probably my strongest dish. I use it to show off to people that I know how to cook. It's kinda like the person who learns one  really hard song on the piano or guitar, just so that everyone else thinks they can play well, but truth is they're terrible. Except at that one song. Salmon is the only song that I can play on the barbeque. But I play it well.

We decided to have Whitney and Brett over, since they had us over a few months ago and made this incredible  dish that supposedly originates from Cafe Rio, but I'm pretty sure actually comes from the Kitchen Of The Gods. That would be Gordon Ramsay. His kitchen.

I wanted to show them that they weren't the only people that could cook.

And I did. I know you were expecting me to say something else. The salmon turned out great. So there haters.

This day was an example of why you should invite people back over more than once. When we went over there it was that really polite preliminary screening where you don't quite let your real humor show. You're not quite sure if it's appropriate to talk about how big people's foreheads are, or something like that.

The second time though, anything is game. We actually had a riot just sitting at the table talking for almost 4 hours after supper.

Whitney brought dessert. She's forbidden me from talking any more about the dessert. I think she was scared I would mention they were overcooked. I wouldn't do that to someone. At least not on a public blog.

Whitney and Brett right before the awesome salmon. 
I wish that I had gotten a better picture of that salmon, it looked great. Let me see if I can zoom in.

Maybe a bit more...


Aw Yeah!


  1. We BBQ on Sunday too! AND set up our second trampoline for the kiddos (long story) My one friend said she felt like we were getting away with something with this weather, that we're gonna pay for later, so might as well enjoy it!

  2. oh and Brett...i wasn't kidding, we're next for cafe rio night!