Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Tie-Dyed Bride

One of my favorite reasons (because there are many) of doing this blog challenge this year, is that I am going places and doing things that I would have normally justified opting out of. Some outings requiring the travel and such with children are easier to find reasons not to go, but there have been other events that I really ought to go to, that without this challenge, I would probably have not gone to for various, seemingly rational, reasons. 

For instance, driving all the way up to Calgary with Grayson and going out of my comfort circle to meet some of Ryley's friends, is probably something I would have not otherwise done. Looking back, I had a good time and met some fantastic people. And to think I would have missed lighting the guests on fire! I could add numerous things to this list, but all the links are to the side for your navigating ease. Some days were easy, but there are a few others wouldn't have happened if I hadn't made a conscious effort.

But back to my thought about the events that I really ought to go to. Things like family functions are easier to make it out to, outings with friends are more probable, but weddings... Weddings I struggle with, and I am slightly ashamed. I don't know if it's the drive, or the common evening hour, which is often tougher with the child, or maybe I'm just lazy. But I'll admit I haven't had the greatest reception attendance record in the past. One would think that the celebration of a family member or a great friend would make it easy to go. But then it's easy to justify that there will be lots of other people there and nobody will really notice that you weren't. I don't know if other people remember who came to their wedding reception, but after 6 years, I can recall a good portion of guests at our wedding.

Over the past couple years, weddings have come and passed that I should have gone to. And if it was your wedding I missed, I apologize. But this year you can almost guarantee that if you are getting married, and I get an invite, I will be there. 

Now I don't actually recall receiving an invite to Taneil's wedding. However, if a friend is part of some of your earliest memories and majority of your youth, it trumps the piece of paper and picture you get in the mail. Taneil and I have been friends, well... always. I don't have the memory of actually meeting her for the first time because she was part of my entire childhood: Sundays at church, birthday parties, recess, and so on. Taneil even came to my wedding, and I still remember her emotional hug. So I owed it to Taneil to go to her wedding and share her special day. Yes, I had to drive an hour to get there. And yes, Grayson was a handful. Heck, we were even babysitting Mackenzie's son Nolan, (we also went to her wedding, and I did eat my own coconut cream pie...) so I had TWO crazy little boys for the night. There are other excuses that I could have used, but I made it a priority to go to Taneil's wedding, and I am so happy I did. 

Taneil looked amazing. And for some reason the cheery tie-dyed atmosphere did not surprise me. If you know Taneil, it suits her. It even makes this blog post more fun too! I look forward to spending some more time with these newly weds, because we'd like to get to know her husband, Eric, too. 

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  1. and I'm glad you guys came so I could catch up with you and finally meet your little man!!