Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Studying With Partners Doesn't Work...

I don't know why people say that it does. 1 of 2 things will happen.

1) You won't get along with the other people, and you'll spend the entire study session trying to figure out how to make a trebuchet out of various study supplies in order to bombard them with rubbish.

2) You'll get along too well and spend the whole time talking about unrelated things.

Me and Rob usually fall into category 2.

It makes me feel bad, because I know his study habits are excellent. When I come though, we usually spend most of the time expounding upon the secrets of the universe. Or solving other people's problems for them. Or ordering pizza.

Although we're getting better at sticking to the task. He knows my distraction tactics so well that when I innocently ask if he's happened to see a quick online video he just says yes, even if he hasn't. Experience has taught him that if I start showing YouTube videos, it never stops. Rightly so, YouTube videos are amazing. Just watch this one.

So that's what a "study session" with Rob usually devolves into. Though through no fault of his.

We did a lot better this time, and actually got some work done. He studied for a mid-term or something about Biology, and I wrote the rules to a board game I'm entering in the Canada Game Design of the Year contest.

In the end we did get to talking for awhile, but that's okay, it was kind of my aim from the start. It had to happen though, there were many secrets of the universe that needed expounding.

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