Saturday, 25 February 2012

Grayson Officially Joins The Blog

Grayson (our little 3 year old) has been making almost as many new friends as we have this year. But with all the new friends he's got a few that go way back. And one that goes way way WAY back.

His little buddy Nolan (Mackenzie's little boy) has been buddies with Grayson since the beginning of time. Well, the beginning of Grayson's time, but I really can't remember a time before that anymore. Did I ever not have a child?

Grayson and Nolan are 2nd cousins, but I'll never tell him that. He's first cousins for all intents and purposes. I grew up with just over a Jabillion cousins, and spending time with them is one of my favorite memories. Unfortunately, Grayson only has 1 actual first cousin on my side, who he doesn't see nearly enough, plus she's a girl so that's just gross. Trish's side is a little more plentiful, but still, we don't see them enough. For now I'm letting his 2nd cousin's stand in so that he can experience the same thing I did growing up: More cousins than he knows what to do with.

The hair... I adore. 

So we went over to Janelle's house and brought Grayson and Nolan (who we were taking care of for a few days) to recreate a piece of my lost childhood. Janelle has a little boy Benjamin, who just happens to have the greatest head of hair known to man. We let the kids play while the adults sat around a table and boringly talked about adult stuff.

It's important to me that Grayson gets to experience the same things I did growing up. I want to somehow take the most memorable parts of my childhood and make sure that he gets the chance to experience them. Except the time that turtle bit my weenie, that hurt.

It was a great day, the boys played well, and Grayson spent time with his cousins, just like I wanted. He also officially joined in the Tolman Family Challenge 2012, with his first Grayson-centered blog post! Milestone!

Of the multiple pictures I took of these boys it was impossible for 
Grayson to look at the camera, stop moving and smile all at the same time. 
Nolan and Benjamin had no problem.

One of the failed attempts. This one in particular makes me laugh. 
That kid has impeccable timing. 

The boys played well together for the most part. I was impressed.

Ol' Reliable Louie. Best investment ever. Nolan could hardly contain himself! He had a riot. 

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  1. Uh excuse me Ryley... What's wrong with second cousins? You say it like its not as good as first cousins or something? I'm definitely offended!!!