Monday, 27 February 2012

Two Nurses Saving The World

We are starting to find that having people over every day is not conducive to being not bankrupt.

It's expensive to make food for that many people on a daily basis, and I'm really starting to wonder how people manage to have 8 or even 10 kids and still pay the mortgage. Especially since child labor is a bit of a social faux pas these days. 

When a classmate of Trish's (nursing classmate--that part is important) asked us over for the evening, including a fully prepared supper, we jumped at the offer. We really have to, in order to be able to be able to have other people over to our house. And, I didn't have to clean my house. 

Becky and Chris (probably spelled wrong, but phonetics goes a long way) had us over for a king's feast of fantasticallness. Incredible fish, coconut rice, and this sauce that was extra lime infused, made for quite the memorable meal. 

Afterwords we pulled out the board games, and sat down for a game of Pandemic. In pandemic you are trying to save the world form several virulent diseases that are threatening to wipe out the entire human race. I thought playing with 2 nursing students would help our chance to avert disaster. 

I have rarely been more wrong.

So we got walloped by the game, but that's okay, we'll just have to try it out again. In fact, I just may have lost the game for us on purpose just so Becky and Chris would have us back over for supper again. 

Anything with monkeys is an instant hit with Grayson.
Peter was a good helper too. 

The night isn't complete 'till Louie takes flight!

Camera timer = genius. Especially for children that try to escape... That Hallie is a quick one!

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  1. WHAT THE? Why wasn't I there? Did you even know that Chris was one of my very good friends from high school??? They are so fun. I'm jealous.

  2. You'll just have to come up again and we'll all hang out!