Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Been Gone For Far Too Long

For some reason, when you don't get in touch with people who are important to you, it makes you less likely to do so in the future. It's like with each passing opportunity to catch up that you miss out on, it's that much more embarrassing to call them up in the future.

I have several friends like this. It's just gone on too long now, and so nobody is quite comfortable calling the other up to do something.

Funny thing is, I know that I'd love to get a phone call from any of these "long lost friends", and I'm sure they feel the same. But the inhibition is still there, and it's just too hard to do.

That how I used to feel. I still do, but I used to too (RIP Mitch). Only now it's imperative that I find and spend time with every single person I know. This has been good for me. It's been just enough incentive to get together with people that I've been meaning to for a long long time.

Like Kelsey. Kels is my cousin, and has been my whole life (go figure). As we turned into mild-mannered teenagers, we started to hang out more and more. She became one of the best friends I've ever had, and we always had a blast together. Along with our other cousin Lacey, we would cause absolutely no trouble at all, but played an awful lot of scum (aka President to stupid people).

I went away for a few years, and Kelsey got married. Me too. Young newlyweds are very busy trying to please both sides of the family, so anytime that we were both in town we wouldn't find the time to catch up. One year turned into two, and two into five. Years do that, it defies all math. When she came up for her sister Mackenzie's wedding, I knew that it had been way too long since we had spent some real time together.

We scheduled a meet in the evening so that all the wee ones were asleep. I brought some games, which didn't see any tabletime since there was WAY too much to catch up on. I left with that familiar feeling of wondering why I had waited so long to find just one afternoon to spend time with someone who has been such an important part of my not-so-rebellious years. This needs to happen more often.

Apparently we turn back into teenagers when the camera comes out. Kelsey, I apologize for making these public.

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  1. I MADE THE BLOG! Ha. I love them and am stealing them all for my own use. . . let's not wait another 5, okay?

  2. This looks fun! I'm mad that I'm your sibling Ry, I probably don't qualify for the blog.