Monday, 6 February 2012

(Finally) Meeting The Neighbors!

Yeah, so we've lived here for five years now.

It just so happens that Trish's sister, Vicki, (and husband, Dic,) are good friends with the people who live just a few doors down from us. We've always talked about the possibility of getting together for an introductory dinner at someone's house. We talk about a lot of things.

We finally did it. Possibly in the most roundabout way conceivable. We all went across town to Vicki's place, and had a barbeque over there (+1 for nice weather in February!).

Great weather. Great food. Great people. 
Barbecue chicken, Greek potatoes, and salad. Gotta love BBQ in February!

Quinton and Chris (or Kris, or Kryss, or Chryss, or Xhriss, or Jeff) however you spell it, met us over at the sibling-in-law's place, and we had a great time. No one had a better time than Grayson, however, as Quinton and XKChris(s) have not one, but two boys that are close to Grayson's age.

Vicki & Dic's son, Mac, (caught him mid-'derp') on the right,
and then clock-wise around the table: Samantha, Andrew, Trevor, and Grayson.
It's amazing how peer influence can work miracles to get a picky kid to eat his vegetables!

The night went great, apart from the complete nuclear Armageddon that erupted from Grayson's mouth when we told him it was time to leave. It would seem that he got along well with his new friends.

Even though it was a pretty strange way to meet your neighbors (travelling across town) at least we finally did it. It's nice to have someone else on the street that we know, especially if he happens to own power tools.

Quinton & Chris

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