Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Little Miss No-Flake

So many of us are flakes.

I'm a flake.

Every time I go to do something, right before I leave, all I can think about is how much easier it would be if I just stayed home and didn't worry about going out. You know, cuz the roads are bad, and we'll be out past Grayson's bed time, and I have to work tomorrow, and... there's probably like 100 reasons why I should just stay home.

It doesn't matter that you know that if you just get your butt out there, you'll come home buzzing about why you are so glad you went.

See, I think that the brain has a thing where it is unable to learn that 1 specific lesson. Go out, it will be fun. At least my brain never seems to figure it out.

This is why so many people are flakes. I just explained it right now.

So it's real treat, when people aren't. My cousin Tanner is dating the nicest girl in the world (which is a good fit, cuz he's not too shabby himself). We wanted to have them over, so I invited him for supper.

Tanner committed to supper the next day. Turns out his girlfriend, Kylee, couldn't make it because of work. When he called me back awhile later and said, "Yeah, Kylee works, so..." I thought to myself, "okay, I've been here before, cancellation."

Instead, they wanted to know if they could come for lunch instead! Now this may sound normal to most people, but I'm telling you that after 60 consecutive days of spending time with people, this is very rare.  A cancellation is usually just a cancellation, and we're left scrambling to meet someone new. Now, oftentimes people have very valid reasons for cancelling, and I get that. But let me just say what a breath of fresh air it was to have people that were going to put forth the effort to get to know us, regardless of the inconvenience.

In the end, they had to take off because she did have to work, but we got some good lunch in together, and better yet, we got to know this girl who somehow tamed Tanner "The Tank".

Another self-timer success. The lighting, a little less...

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