Wednesday, 8 February 2012

NuTrish on Nutrition

NuTrish the Nutrition expert. She actually is quite the sought after speaker in regards to nutrition, having given presentations in several different venues. This time it was a youth group that was planning a camping trip. Trish was brought in to help them plan their meals in a (hopefully) beneficial way.

I gotta hand it to her, teaching nutrition to a bunch of teenagers is not generally what most people would consider leisure time, but Trish had been looking forward to this for quite awhile now. 

You know how everyone has that one thing that they are passionate about? Even the most reserved person can talk your ear off if you hit on the right topic. I've found that if ever a conversation is lagging, it's because I'm talking too much about myself, and quite simply, I'm not that interesting. 

Trish lights up when you talk about nutrition. She seriously lives and breathes it. Doesn't hurt that she has four Ph.d.'s in it. Or something like that. 

My point is, that she's got a sparkle in her eye up there when she teaches. My camera is good, but it doesn't capture sparkles, so you'll just have to imagine it in her eye in the picture. Or better yet, get in touch with Trish and have her come teach nutrition to your group. Or just you. She loves it. 

Trish sparkling away. She always looks awesome up there.

We didn't really get to know any one person in particular more than the others, just kind of the whole group. I got to chase Grayson around while he laughed hysterically at my attempts to catch him. Never take a three-year-old to a presentation.

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