Friday, 10 February 2012


We had a last minute cancellation on Wednesday. This meant that it was Wednesday evening and we had NO idea how we were going to find someone to spend time with by the end of the day.

Like a genius I pulled up the community calendar. Turns out, there was an annual winter walk going on in Lethbridge that day. We figured we'd go stag and find some unsuspecting family to introduce ourselves to.

When we got there Trish pretended to be playing with Grayson while I cased the joint. There were plenty of good targets, but we had to be careful about how we approached them. To quickly, and it would be awkward. Too slowly, and we wouldn't be able to actually get to know them before the walk was over.

At one point I was huddled behind a tree for warmth, trying to decipher who would be the best mark when it just kind of fell into my lap. A young couple, poorly dressed for the cold (at least he was) soon found the tree that I was huddled under.

Suddenly some lady was yelling from a megaphone. Apparently it was time for us to shuffle on over and do some dancing to warm up for the walk. They shoved us out into an empty wind-torn plain to "warm up". It worked so well.

The poor citizens of Lethbridge, trying desperately to stay warm by dancing.
The people were out of focus in real life too. I know how to take pictures, okay?

Grayson doing what he does best: Being a speck in the distance.
Trish doing what she does best: Chasing after him.

Bringing him back to the fold.

In the midst of the turmoil, I lost our chosen targets, but as the group of fifty or so started shuffling down the path I noticed them up near the front. We were at the back, so we had some serious passing to do in order to catch up.

As I explained to Grayson that we would need to hurry, he suddenly decided that every curbside was a balance beam, and that walking across one was as important as winning gold in the olympics for the Motherland. This was going poorly. We were running out of time.

That is when Grayson decided to challenge a teenage girl beside us to a race. In less than a minute we had closed the gap. Thank you, teenage girl, whoever you are.

We struck up a conversation with the young couple, who have names, and they are Lindy and Sam. We soon found out that we know lots of the same people. I mean LOTS of the same people. In fact, it was almost impossible that we hadn`t met before. They know well some of our best friends who have regrettably moved away to the Barrhead area. Don`t know where that is? Join the club.

We've decided that because they were so cool and we didn't get to spend enough time with them, we'd like to hang out with them again. Sam teaches band in Magrath, so we'll have to see what we can arrange there. Something interesting I bet! We were dumb and didn't manage to get a picture with Sam and Lindy. Just another reason to hang out again!

Going stag to a community event. Recommended!

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  1. Is Sam by chance Asian?? I KNOW HIM!

    1. I do believe you are right Mr. Unknown. Does he know your brother Anonymous? He's been commenting alot on here too.

  2. This is great! We're glad we made the cut and got to be 'the chosen ones' out of crowd so big!