Sunday, 22 January 2012

Fondue ALL The Fruits!

Sometimes we eat way too much.

And then sometimes we take it a step further.

Lacey helped us to do just that. Lacey is my cousin, and I'm not exactly sure how I wronged her, but she decided to have us out to her house for dinner. Not only did she make enough lasagna to feed the Vatican (and some of those guys are really fat!) she also made fresh cheese biscuits to go along with it. 

All dinner she kept heaping this goodness onto our plates, with a strange glint in her eye. Lacey knew something we did not.

Lacey knew about the oversized cauldron of fondue that she had been brewing all afternoon. 

We ate it. Of course we did. It was fondue.

I blame the 5 extra pounds on the lasagna, and the heart palpitations on the fondue. Cream puffs, pineapple, strawberries, and banana were all available. Most of these are irrelevant when cream puffs are present.

Lacey's husband Aaron decided that this madness had to stop, and so suggested we play a game. Dominion it was, which Trish tried to hate but kept smiling. Busted. It might have to do with how the scores ended up:

Trish: 53 points
Lacey: 52 points
Aaron: 52 points
Ryley: 29 points

But hey, I'm not mad. I just don't want to talk about it.

It sure was nice to see these guys. They defected to 'Merica a few years ago, but have seen the errors of their ways. Good to have them back. Traitors.

I'd like to tell you more about the night, but I'm having trouble typing, as I put on five pounds yesterday, and most of it went to my fingers. They are now too fat to type.

Aaron is a chiropractor in Fort Macleod, and he's better than your current one.

Aaron, Lacey, Trish, and someone's kids. I'm too fat to fit in the picture.
Playing Dumbinion.

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  1. JEALOUS. Jealous. jealous. Mostly of the cream puffs, but also the company.