Friday, 20 January 2012

Grossest Game Of ALL Time!

Define "fun".

See, I've always kind of thought that most of us define it the same way. Usually it involves pleasant activities, such as strolling through a park on a nice summer's day, or eating a fantastic meal in the company of friends. Or perhaps it could involve swimming through a pool that was full of dozing puppies and kittens instead of water, all of them genetically altered to have no teeth or claws, and each has been specially trained to give you little puppy and kitten massages as you slide through them. All of these are fun things. 

Eating baby wipes, in my humble opinion, is not so fun. 

That is why when my cousin Janelle pulled out Bean Boozled, I felt rather hesitant to agree to playing.

Bean Boozled is from the makers of Jelly Bellies, and other fine nutritious snacks. It's a game where there is a bowl full of jelly beans, half of them tasty, half of them foul beyond reason. You spin a spinner and it (the spinner) will tell you which color of Jelly Belly you have to eat. 

But here's the catch.

The coconut flavored beans look exactly like the baby wipes bean. The chocolate pudding bean looks exactly like the canned dog food bean. The licorice bean looks exactly like the skunk spray bean, etc. 

This is us chillin' out before life turned horrible, coincidentally, this was just before we started the game.

I'm not sure what was worse, the moment before you put the bean in your mouth, or the actual sensation of realizing that your bean was of the foul variety. We took some action shots of some of the more unfortunate bean encounters, which I shall now display for you in off-centered montage fashion, as I have seen many trendy and popular blogs do.

Trish trying to cleanse her tongue by scraping with her fingernail. Amateur. 

                                         Janelle making use of the community spitbowl.

Me being way too pleased with myself for getting a tasty bean.
Note the disappointment in Trish's face.

Joel not reacting at all to spicy booger.
The man is a rock.

Actual documentation of the moment of truth.

I now know that Janelle has some interesting ideas on fun. Some fantastically disgusting ideas on fun, and we enjoyed it immensely. I plan to be a part of all these types of ideas from now on. Can't say I laugh this hard every day.

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  1. Spicy booger? really????? Sounds fun, where do I get some??