Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Letters: Better Than Email

See, not everyone can get emails. Some people live far away. In bamboo huts. And don't have very good computers. Or plumbing.

So it's kind of a necessity to write a letter to someone in that situation.

Problem is, it's HARD to write a letter when you're used to slamming off an email in like 5 minutes.

That's why I haven't gotten in touch with the Quimchiguango family like I should have. They are a family that live in Otavalo in Ecuador. I was very close to them for a while, but lost touch through my own laziness and procrastination. Without facebook and email, I find that I really don't talk to them at all.

Today, I wrote a letter. A letter I've been meaning to write for about four years now. And it feels great to have done that.

It's kind of like we've all become this incredibly connected web of people that have probably way more information that we could ever need on anyone we want. Right now. For the people who are not connected to this web, however, it's like they don't even exist. They don't know what's going on in our lives. They don't read this blog. They don't see your facebook page. They don't have an email account.

You may have realized by now that I'm not just talking about the Quimchiguango family.

I'm talking about your Grandma. Your Grandpa. The friend that for some strange reason doesn't have an email account. And I'm talking about the people who do have an email account.

A letter is so much more than an email. It says, "Hey, I care enough to spend some real time jotting this down for you to read!" It tells people that you hold them in a priority over surfing the internet for funny cat pictures. (Btw, for great funny cat pictures, check out imgur.)

So send a letter today! Send one to your Grams, or Granps, or to your girlfriend or spouse (not both). It feels good, and is a great way to spend time with someone who is out of your reach.

I added a picture of my letter to prove that I actually did it.
I made my letter by using "paper" and "a pen". You can find these things at Staples.
Just ask a customer service agent to help you.

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