Saturday, 7 January 2012

Burn ALL The Guests!

Celebrate a birthday: Check

Light a guest on fire: Check

I normally don't go to events that I get invited to through facebook. I usually like to respond to the invitation with a "maybe". "That should keep them off of my back," I think to myself. It's so much easier than saying no.

We got invited up to Calgary for a "houswarming" for Greg and Tracy, as well as celebrate her birthday. They only moved over here from the U.K. a few years ago, but have managed to attract a huge gaggle of friends. I didn't know how to say "maybe" in British, so we ended up going.

Spent the evening in good conversation, good company, and being instructed about the difficulties of finding quality cheese in Canada. It was during one such conversation, that one party guest managed to spontaneously combust.

At least that's the way it seemed to me. From my viewpoint all I saw was a seemingly innocent conversationalist suddenly burst into bright, hungry flames. I managed to resist the urge to duck behind my wife for comfort, and good thing, since it turned out that the hapless partygoer was not erupting into flame from the inside out, but rather she had had the misfortune of standing next to a lit candle.

Ponytail alight, she suddenly became distinctly aware that all eyes were on her. All eyes, and all hands as well, as the lot of us practically beat her senseless trying to put out the flames. When all was said and done the only casualties were some burnt hair and her shirt. Yup, it burnt right through her shirt.

I have now made a sign that I'm going to get Greg and Tracy to post in their house. Framed nicely, I think that  it will make a good housewarming gift.

So the housewarming almost turned into a houseburning, but it did provide a conversation piece. Best birthday ever? I think so.

Happy Birthday Tracy! 


  1. Thanks for making the effort to come up from the big L. We appreciated it and wanted to make it memorable by setting fire to Errin!

  2. I lawled more than I should have.