Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Grumpy ALL The Time!

So I was grumpy yesterday.

Invited my cousin-in-law over for some playing of the games. He's an optometrist at Costco right now (one in training anyway). He didn't get done work until 7:30, so in the end we didn't get started until 8:00 pm.

Sometimes when you play games you lose. Sometimes when you play games you get obliterated. And sometimes, on very special days, the other players wipe out every hint that you ever existed. Your defeat is so complete that anyone who ever knew you starts to lose all memories of you.

This is what made me grumpy.

I'm normally not such a sore loser. I can normally take a smashing with a smile on my face (as my cousin-in-law Joel did), but today was not normal, and I was a big baby.

This blog has been about getting to know people. I had anticipated spending every single day laughing and smiling and getting to know the best parts of 365 different people. I did not anticipate that sometimes, people would get to know the not so fantastic parts of me.

I guess that's the nature of spending every day with people. They get to see all your sides. I was quite embarrassed when the night was over, but then I got to thinking. It was actually kind of liberating to know that Joel didn't get the "facade" version of Ryley. He got the real Ryley, and sometimes, Ryley is a big baby when he loses.

Ryley may be a Paint Wizard, but with a little practice, I may become a Photoshop Wonder. 
p.s. - Those little rain clouds can be nasty little guys!

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  1. Haha, nice job on the rain clouds Trish! And I have a hard time picturing you grumpy Ryley! You are definitely one of the smiliest people I know. Thanks for entertaining my hubby for the evening!