Sunday, 29 January 2012

Laugh Hard ALL The Time!

Tibia is a guy who laughs. Hard. All. The. Time.

This is a very good thing, as I'm personally of the opinion that most of us don't laugh enough (myself included). I'm constantly trying to think up something clever to say, and so often miss the complete effect of other people's very clever comments. Tibia does not have this problem.

First of all, his name's not actually Tibia, that's just what I call him now. Before Tibia we called him Shin, the lay man's term for Tibia. Shin derives from Shinobin, the name that he wishes he had. Shinobin is the cover for Princeton, his given name. So you can see how it all checks out. Next time I see him I'll change his name to Bones. For now we'll just call him Shin. Try to keep up.


Every conversation needs several elements. In a great conversation of oh, say, 4 people, each dynamic will present.

1) A comedian (Storyteller)
2) A thoughful commenter
3) A listener
4) A laugher.

Really. Ever feel like a conversation is dragging? It's likely because something in there is lacking.

Problem is, everybody usually wants to be a 1. They want to tell the jokes. They want to get the laughs. But I found out something interesting this week by using my brain to solve a problem.

I like to fancy myself a 1. I like to tell stories. I like to tell jokes. Granted, we all have some elements of each in us, but each of us have a dominant trait.

I noticed that even though I think that I'm a 1, not every conversation I'm involved with is bursting with laughter and euphoricismness. I'm supposed to make people laugh! Every conversation that I am in should be great!

They're not.

Many are boring and drag. I did notice something though. Every conversation that Shin was involved in was ALWAYS one where people had tears in their eyes. AND SHIN'S A BLOODY 4! This should not be happen!

I've realized why. The world needs the 4s much more than it needs the 1s. Laughter breeds laughter, not stories. Shin laughs hard at anyone who tries to be funny, because he appreciates the sentiment behind it. Result: He always has a good time.

I resolve to be more 4 and less 1. The 4s are the silent warriors of conversation. They battle lag and awkwardness by bursting forth in mighty laughter. If you're ever looking for a good time, grab some 4s, ditch the 1s.

2s and 3s don't hurt.

I won't tell you which one Shin is, try to guess from the pictures.


  1. hahahhaha Shin is awesome. What a great post, it's so true, we all want the spotlight! What a better world this would be if there were just more 4's. I'm gonna be more 4-ey.

  2. Hmmm, is Mr. Wong one of the pasty fat white guys, or the chinese guy. Hmmmm, I wonder. I need more hints! (I can't help it, I wanna be a 1!)

  3. This is so awesome. Made my day. Thanks so much :D

  4. Geez you get everyone at the table playing Dungeon Petz but me :P