Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Vietnamese ALL The Foods!

Day 4 has brought us much joy.

Much joy, and much soup.

There are special moments in everyone's lives. The birth of a child. Your wedding day. The day you got promoted. The day Call of Duty 4 came out.

For us, one such day was the day we ordered number 71 off the menu at the Saigonese restaurant.

I went out to dinner with a group of my brother's friends (who have since adopted me as a stand-in since my brother moved away). We went to the Saigonese Restaurant, and everyone ordered. Jared Scott (one of the friends) told me to try some of his soup. I was on my way out to meet Trish, and we were moving up to Calgary.

From the moment the heavenly broth hit my tongue my entire world changed. Colors were more vibrant. Music, more beautiful. I attribute the fact that I have only vague memories of the next two years to the fact that I must have spent most of my waking moments dreaming of the sacred soup.

So it's really very good soup.

When we moved to Lethbridge again, the first thing we did was come back to the Saigonese Restaurant and phone Jared, so he could tell me what number that soup was. It didn't surprise me that he remembered. Everyone who has tasted can never forget. Sometimes I think we all (those who have tasted) need to make a secret handshake to identify each other in public.

Since it was Jared who helped us to become among the "tasted", we felt it only appropriate that we go back together to partake. Here we are:

It was good to be there with someone who appreciates the finer things in life. Someone who also appreciates the subtle flavor of a broth made from a thousand unknown spices, mixed with water melted from the highest peaks of the himilayas, and simmered over the flames of a young couple's burning love. Add in the beef from cows fed purely on mana from heaven, and stirred with the hand of Zeus himself, and you have number 71 at the Saigonese Restuarant in Lethbridge.

Join us. Become one of the "tasted". You'll wonder how you ever lived in this dreary world before.

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  1. Ben informed me it's a leap year, so either you get a day off OR it's 366 days.