Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Shock ALL The Fingers!

And the truth comes out... The other week when Ryley told me he came home at 2:30 am, it was actually 3:30 am! I wish I could be angry, but I didn't hear any whining the next day about being tired. However, in Grayson's reality, daddy would be deemed a turkey and shall suffer the consequences thereof: a 3 year-old's wet raspberry and voluntary feet tickling.

So Ryley's got his game group together again tonight. With three plates of different candy and goodies, I was tempted to stay, except I can't be staying up till the wee hours of the night playing my sleep away. Nor does the novelty of "shocking roulette" appeal to me. I'll let Ryley explain. (that is, if games don't go all night...)

Shocking Roulette: Players all place fingers into a device that randomly decides which player will receive an electric shock. We use it to determine player order when playing games. I have learned that everyone I play games with are huge pansies.

Gorged ourselves on pop and goodies last night.  Great time. Only thing is, I've now highlighted every member of my weekly gaming group. That means that next week I'll either have to get someone new to come, or else I have to find someone to connect with beforehand. (I'd say after but APPARENTLY Trish doesn't like me hanging out until 3:30 am).

So I highlight Reece Honour. Player of guitars. Listener of good music. Gamer of great board games. Speaker of Old Entish. Receiver of finger shocks.

I really need to start getting to bed sooner.

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