Saturday, 14 January 2012

Risk ALL The Cougar Attacks!

Friday January 13, 2012

If Davey Crocket's genetics were somehow mixed with MacGyver's, the result would be people like the Smith's.

Nathan and Gen Smith are the type of people who could survive the Zombie Apocolypse with ease. They have gear and gadgets for EVERY foreseeable situation. Ask Nathan to borrow a can opener, and he'll give you a contraption that will not only open all your cans from 15 feet away, but can also launch a space shuttle.

We decided that because we don't stand defenceless in cougar country enough, that we would go on a snowshoe night hike in Waterton. As a buffer between us and the cougars we brought my parents. If you live in a place where you don't get to snowshoe, just make it full screen and sit in the freezer while you watch this video.

We were all foolish enough to bring normal, run-of-the-mill snowshoes. Nathan and Jen brought snowshoes that would not only stop you from sinking into the snow, but throw up snow all around you as you walk, to create a concealing mist in case of a cougar attack.

Originally, our plan was to hike solely by the light of the full moon. Unfortunately the clouds rolled in, and so we had to use our headlamps in order to navigate the woods safely. Good thing we had them, as many of the bridges were perilously narrow...

It was three kilometers to a camp kitchen, where we set up camp to have a quick bite, and (of course), play a game. Liar's Dice it was, and it turns out that Gen is the biggest liar. Lying Gen brought an incredible chair that hangs from a tree limb and releases ALL your endorphins when you lay in it.

Here is Gen and her relaxing endorphins.

Supper consisted of those packets of dehydrated food that you put boiling water into. I honestly could not believe how good it was! Fettuccine Alfredo, Orange Ginger Chicken, Turkey Something or Other, and Raspberry Crumble for dessert.  I have had worse food at restaurants. Often.

The Smiths are fantastic people; people who know how to have a great time, and enjoy life. You’ll know if you ever come across them at the grocery store. They’ll be the ones with the collapsible shopping cart, that that folds compactly enough to fit in your pocket.

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  1. Your write up is absolutey hilarious! Nathan and I couldn't stop laughing as we read through it. It was quite a night and most amazing memories were made! Thanks for letting us be a part of "Your adventures"!

    Lying Gen