Thursday, 5 January 2012

Game ALL The Night!

Thursday has been Ryley's weekly gaming night with his buddies, and this week is no different. The boys usually play late, even with good intentions to make it home and to bed at a decent hour at the end of the night. Nevertheless, the I know the odds are against them, in more ways than one: 

First, that the games take way longer to play than they anticipate. 

Second, they finish playing at a good hour, and  think they are oh so clever, so they try to sqeeeeeeze in one more game, that inevitably takes too long to play. 

And third, the games finish in good time and then they talk like girls for a few more hours. 

Their track record has not been so great. For instance, last week Ryley rolled into bed at 2:30 am! But for all I know, it could have been later because I was sound asleep. I've been assured that tonight he's gonna wrap it up a little earlier, allowing time to write the rest of this entry, yet I'm left to be a skeptic. I'll believe it when I see it. 

Well, I DID manage to get into bed by 1:00 AM, so I think I did pretty good.

Had my buddy Jordan Walker over for some intellectual stimulation in the form of a gentleman's tabletop duel. Or as Trish calls it "nerdy board games."

Tried out the ipad version of one of our favorite games, Smallworld.

As you can see on the back wall there, I do enjoy myself a good board game, anytime anyone feels like playing or learning a new one, give me a call. I even lend them out. It's kinda my go-to activity in the winter.

Day 5! Done and done.

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  1. 2:30!? Wow. My wife would murder me if I did that.