Sunday, 1 January 2012

Trick ALL The Cousins!

I'm making a new rule for this blog...

RULE # 1
The first post about getting to know people cannot be about my cousin who I tricked into coming to my house to eat food.

Since this is a new rule, it won't apply to this blog, but it's a good one to keep in mind should we ever endeavor to do the exact same experiment under a different blog name.

So I tricked my cousin into coming to me house. I say "me house" because my cousin's name is Shaimus, and that just makes me want to talk like a little Irish dude.

I manage a drywall contracting company in town, and Shaimus is working for us as a subcontractor. I ran over today to give him a hand in finishing up a little basement that was kind of a rush to get done. We blasted some Mumford and Sons (which you can check out here. Push play on the top left music player for a pleasing sensation in thine ears). Finishing up around 7 pm, I told him I needed him to run over to my house before going home in order to pick up some stuff.


I gave him supper and made him part of my experiment. Yeah, ok, it wasn't an incredible start, but I got to know my cousin better, and he got some supper. Chili with ranchandcheesebread fresh out of the oven (thanks Trish!) I have decided that he is a pretty rad dude and give him eight thumbs up out of nine.

So that's day 1! However, I now have another new rule for this blog.

RULE # 2
We can spend time with people we already know, but only if we get to know them better, and then rate them with an arbitrary rating system. We can never repeat people.

Y'know, we've actually decided to change this idea ever so slightly. Since this is about making good quality connections to people who matter, we're not going to make it so much meeting someone new every day (although that may still happen alot). I'm still sticking by never repeating people, unless they bring new people to spend some time and get to know. I realized that if we ignore the people we already know, we'll lose touch with the people who matter most to us, so that really defeats the whole purpose. So let it be written, so let it be done.

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  1. Uncle the one and only STEELEMonday, January 30, 2012

    I tricked my nephew Ryley into having lunch with me and driving me around by smashing my BMW up in Lethbridge in November. It was well worth it for some stimulating conversations and a plethora of pleasant memories of kittens and large mouth BASSes :). Oh ya and the Oso vittles were mighty fine as well!!!