Sunday, 8 January 2012

Wear ALL The Ugly Pajamas!

I think you mean AWESOME pajamas...

No, I really do mean ugly. Proof:

Whatever, anything with a bum flap is AWESOME...

So Trish has her friend Bernie over for an ugly pajama party. Her real name is Brittany, but Grayson decided that Brittany was too hard to say. 

So Bernie comes over dressed in p.j.'s. I'm not sure that she fully embraced the "ugly pajama" theme as well as Trish did, but she does get points for trying. After deliberating for precisely 10 minutes longer than my attention span they settled on some Netflix pick. 

Bernie knows how to eat popcorn. So do I. Trish is getting there. Slowly she's learning that for something to be considered a "treat", it must contain x amount of fat, where x is greater than or equal to the number of years you wish to live (in imperial cups of butter). The two of us (Bernie and I) outvoted her and there was much rejoicing. 

I didn't really join in, as my version of bedtime attire is somewhat less... glamorous. 

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1 comment:

  1. I want those pyjamas!! (Well. Not THOSE as they are clearly yours. But I want a pair just like them!)