Friday, 27 January 2012

Cross ALL The Generations!

It seems like as I grow older, the more normal it is to have friends that are much younger or older than I am. I don't know when this started being okay, because I can remember distinctly in grade 6 how it was NOT okay to hand out with the grade 5 kids. I mean, how could you, when they were so much smaller than we were?

Apparently nobody told Trish and her sister Jana this. They have been friends with the Poss family for years and years, since they were kids. The Posses are quite a bit older than these two girls. Like as in several decades older. Yet there was nobody who directed Jana and Trish to befriend the Posses, it was something that they pursued themselves. 

Now, almost 20 years later, they still exchange Christmas and birthday goodies, phone calls, and come over for the occasional visit. When we decided to go down to Cardston on Thursday night, they were at the top of our list to call. 

We managed to get John and Christine Poss over with the promise of  popcorn. Trish's dad makes this world famous kettle corn, and you can get just about anyone to do just about anything if you just promise a bowl of this popped corn will be there too.

They humored us in coming over, and I think the best part of the night was the conversation. I've always found it interesting to note the difference between the conversations we have with younger as compared with more seasoned people. 

We didn't just learn about the Posses personal lives, we learned about the genealogy of everyone present. After the stories started, we almost couldn't keep up with the history lesson we were getting. I managed to break out the iphone when nobody was looking and got some good video of everyone talking about the days gone by (surprise Mom!). Someone's gotta record that stuff. 

What a cool evening, here's to another 20 years of friendship!

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