Thursday, 12 January 2012

Combine ALL The Birthdays!

I’m fortunate enough to share a birthday with   my mother-in-law. At least I did this year.

Because of the exquisite level of mother-in-law jokes already on the market, I shall not endeavour to make a crack at that particular subject.

Now, normally we celebrate mom-in-law's birthday on its' rightful day, the 10th of January. However, because of an unfortunate amount of snow on the roads, we were unable to do so. Trish decided to combine all the birthdays (mine's on the 12th).

I'm a me person. I like it when I have my own stuff. I like to have my own birthday. I like to have my own bowl of cereal in the morning, and I'll try to cut you with my spoon if you even look at me with your hungry eyes. Stupid cat.

Because I'm normally such a self-centered person, I was not wild about the idea of a combined birthday.  In the name of peace I went along with it. Peace, and continued marriage.

Turns out, combining birthdays is a great  way to celebrate a birthday. Normally I spend the day wondering what I might get for my birthday, but instead, I was more focused on what we'd be doing, and with whom.

We went to the waterslides with the other half of the birthday entourage. It was Grayson's first time on a waterslide, and I'm pretty sure the overwhelming excitement caused him to have a happiness aneurysm at one point.

Point is, we had a great time. Actually, I'm at a loss to remember a better birthday. Why? Because we spent it sharing time (and birthdays) with people we care about. Having a day devoted to you really doesn't make you happy in the end. I mean, every year we devote an entire day to St. Patrick, and he just looks like a grumpy leprechaun.

I would share every birthday from now on. I think everyone else had a better time as well. There was twice the reason to celebrate. So we spent the day with Trish's parents. Granted, not the first time we've spent time with them. Although it was the first time we shared a birthday, and I couldn't have picked a better mother-in-law to spend it with!

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  1. Chelsey and I always share our birthdays, as I'm on the 29 of November and she is on the 30th!