Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Shatter ALL The Preconceptions

January 9, 2010

Originally, Ryley and I planned on making this blog about meeting complete strangers. We're only 9 days in now, and I'm starting to realize that first I have a few things to take care of.

Like the people who matter to me. One such person is my oldest sister, Vicki, who is a full 21 years older than I am. By the time I was born, Vicki was already out of the house and married, so  I unfortunately have never actually lived in the same house as my own sister for any length of time.

Today we originally were planning on spending time with some of Ryley's cousins, who just happen to be good friends as well as family. However, their little boy has turned up sick, so instead of risking exposure, we decided to reschedule. 

That left us with the need to find someone different to spend time with before the end of the day. According to our own rules, that meant it could not be someone we previously had spent time with. Fortunately, only 9 days in, the list is fairly short thus far. 

I'm currently in school for nursing, finishing my second year at the college. Sometimes during breaks between classes, I stop by my sister Vicki's office, who is the Chair of Media & Design. She is just down the hall from some of my classes, so I try to find the time to get down and see her. Sometimes she's out in meetings or away on business trips, so it's not always guaranteed that she'll be available.

Today was in my favor, and I was able to sit with her and chat over a quick lunch. Even though she eventually had to go to a meeting, I tagged along to walk her there. 

It's funny, every time I do something like this (get in touch with an old friend, or sister. Or both.) I always find myself wondering why I don't do this more often. I feel embarrassed that I let myself take so long to drop by my sister's office. Even after only a week of our challenge, I'm getting excited about other people I should get back in touch with.

But by the time I get around to actually doing it, I feel just as timid as the last time. 

Maybe it's just part of human nature, or maybe it's just part of my nature, either way I should just learn to get over it. If anything is going to help me come out of my shell, this year will be it!

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  1. Aw, we are happy to be family and good friends. And happy we were able to reschedule. Happy to see you guys again. And happy to be part of your blog:)